Meat ewes

Meat ewes

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Fully grown ewes of various weights available. No added hormones, no horns (polled). These are not suitable for breeding. Great for either pets or processing.

The St. Croix sheep breed has a nice taste that does not have the flavor from the lanolin that is produced by wool sheep. Taste tests regularly rank St Croix lamb first for flavor, tenderness and juiciness. The meat has a mild flavor, good grain and is a lean meat. The sheep tend not to deposit fat within their muscle.

This is to purchase the live animal only. We can help you book USDA-certified processing OR lower cost personal-use-non-retail processing. You just pay me for the animal (price shown here) and pay the processor for their butchering fee when you collect your meat. Planning ahead is necessary as facilities are often booked out for weeks. Processing is typically an additional $125-$175 per lamb, paid to the butcher. You may also process your animal yourself.

I am also happy to work with you to bring your Muslim butcher or Jewish shohet to my farm to meet religious ceremonial requirements. Ceremonies on our farm are no cost and are welcome as long as they comply with state laws. We do not have the skill to process/butcher, but you may bring your own people or equipment to do so. We have no hogs on our farm and only raise meat sheep, chickens, garlic and grass.

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