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Registered St Croix Starter Flock

Registered St Croix Starter Flock

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This is customizable, just contact us to design your flock and get a price! This is an example starter flock of registered St. Croix hair sheep. Recommended stocking rate is 4-6 head per acre. Don't forget to include the lambs you will produce!

4 registered young ewes

1 registered ram (unrelated to the ewes) - you must have a pal to be with him when he is separated from the ewes - a male goat or another ram is recommended

Recommended to keep males and females separate except for mating time, and sheep need at least 1 buddy for company. Separation is recommended so you can control and prepare for lambing.

St Croix can mate twice a year, or three times in 24 months, or once a year - depending on your preferences. Lambing rate is typically 200% with twins and triplets very common in ewes older than 1 year.

Ewes are vaccinated against CD/T and abortive bacterias Campylobacter Fetus-Jejuni Bacterin and Chlamydia Abortus Bacterin. Ram & wether is vaccinated against CD/T. 

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